Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
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Thunderous Abandon

Yesterday Raz came over and loaded up my project computer with a ton of software that I needed, including my graphics software, which now allows me to resume the creation of artwork for my mixes. I've already completed the covers for Towards the Horizon: More Music from the Farthest Reaches, Silver Screen Star Trek and Sensations, with more coming soon. I also now have DVD authoring software, which allowed to burn the copies of several Clone High episodes that suitboyskin gave me a few months ago onto a video DVD. I've thinking about compiling several of my mixes onto video DVDs with PCM sound, which was something I had done several years ago with a few of my mixes as well as my Thomas Newman and Jerry Goldsmith sets, but never really followed through with.

However, Raz also brought over a number of DTS CDs consisting ostensibly of the quadraphonic mixes of various 70s classics; Led Zeppelin's third album and Houses of the Holy, Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother and Animals, Lou Reed's Transformer and Kraftwerk's Autobahn. We basically spent all night listening to these discs, taking particular interest in Animals and the Zeppelins, as these albums are among the best of the respective bands' output... and it is impressive. Animals is particularly holosonic, which is not very surprising considering how enveloping the 5.1 mix of Dark Side of the Moon and the quad mix of Wish You Were Here. The Zeppelin records were much warmer than their respective CDs and the additional dimension was pretty impressive. The Reed was a distinct improvement over the stereo; the reversed string track on "A Perfect Day" has been corrected in this mix.

The sources of some of these are easily divined; Autobahn, Atom Heart Mother and Wish You Were Here were all issued on discrete quadraphonic 8 track, but while Lou Reed did release Metal Machine Music/The Amine Beta Ring in quad, I know of no such release for Transformer, nor for Animals or the Zeppelins. They may be faked, but if so they're really good jobs; I've heard a few discs where somebody rechannelled music for multichannel reproduction and they sound just as bad as one of those "electronically enhanced" stereo-ificated LPs. I still have no idea where this discrete 5.1 mix of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band comes from, but it sounds very similar to the multichannel mixes made for the Beatles Anthology DVDs...

I've updated my mix list to include a new category, Game Scoring. At the moment the only item there is the Risk mp3 CD, but I will also try and find the entry for the Jenga mp3 CD and update it to version 6.0 and include it on the list. As I was discussing with melancthe yesterday, I have plans to create a DVD-ROM for RPGs categorized by situation rather than title, film or composer, thus allowing a GM to appropriately 'score' their own games. This is a future project for this section.

I'm also working on a kick-ass mix for Uno.

I was going to complain that compiling the track list was harder than actually putting the disc together, especially considering that one of my favorite composers - Miklós Rózsa - keeps forcing me to the damn character map. But I'm not going to complain... because I've just found out today that Rózsa's Sodom and Gomorrah has being remastered and is coming out as a two disc set from C.A.M., who are responsible for some of the recent wave of outstanding Ennio Morricone re-issues.
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