Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
Joshua Gizelt


I like to drive. This is interesting because I spent most of my twenties without a car; for the most part I didn't need one. I worked on Long Island but lived in Queens. I didn't feel the need to get one. I didn't get a car until the end of '98, just before I got the job at Verizon, and I've had three others since.

That first two cars were bombs. The 1982 Chrystler E Class I named Brünnhilde, after the Valkyrie in Der Ring des Nibelungen. The car would undulate. I'm serious. You'd start her, and she'd would huff and puff until one day she finally just died. My next car was a 1988 Pontiac Firebird that was never named. While she was fun to drive on highways, she was a pain in the ass on streets and was absolute murder on the bank account as she guzzled fuel like Bob and Doug McKenzie funnelling beer after having done a pound of coke. This was the only car thus far that was still working when I bought a new one...

And what a wonderful new one she was, a 1998 Toyota Corolla I named The Zen Room. To date it was my favorite as far as handling was concerned, as she had a turning radius so small that you could practically make a right angle turn like a lightcycle from Tron. She was also very comfortable. Unfortunately, it also had serious health problems, constantly forcing me to bring it in to be looked at. And one fateful day in Boston, I crashed her into a freakin' rotary. Now I have The Bronze Mist, a 2000 Saturn that, as of this writing, has given me the least amount of trouble of any of them. She is basically an American version of the Toyota, but - alas - she doesn't have the handling.
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