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Okay, in continuing this thread of interesting title sequences, here's one that is radically different from what appeared in the film.

In 1965, the fourth entry in the James Bond series, Thunderball, was nearing completion. Composer John Barry reunited with "Goldfinger" lyricist Leslie Bricusse in to write a theme song for the new film, this time it would be about the predatory agent himself (Sean Connery). The title of the song, "Mr. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" is a reference to the Japanese nickname for Bond (I wonder why?), and the lyrics warn women about him.

This theme served as the basis for much of the score, but the producers felt that it would be confusing to the audience if the title song didn't fit the film title (although "Nobody Does it Better" from The Spy Who Loved Me, "All Time High" from Octopussy and, of course, "You Know My Name" from Casino Royale didn't seem to confuse audiences), and so the original song was replaced with the now familiar Tom Jones song, with lyrics by Don Black. The new theme was tied to Largo (Adolfo Celi), and was integrated into the score. Nevertheless, "Mr. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" appeared on the album as an instrumental and is still a major theme in the score.

Two recordings of the song were released on the 30th Anniversary Collection; one performed by Shirley Bassey and the other by Dionne Warwick. The latter was chosen to appear in the film before the decision was made to change the song out completely. What follows is the title sequence from Thunderball, but with the Warwick recording of "Mr. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang."

Title Sequence Designed by Maurice Binder
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