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As should be apparent, I have only been having the chance to check my journal once every couple of days (I can't wait to have a decent income so I can afford to get my own internet connection again). People on my friends list have posted things that are very important to them. If I haven't responded to such things, it is not because I am ignoring them.

Looking For Scotty

I want to find the ringer for "Scotty Doesn't Know". I wonder where I can find it...

Debney vs. Satan

In a recent interview, The Passion of the Christ composer John Debney proves that he's fucking bonkers.

Or maybe he's trying to promote the film in his own way.

Composer John Debney

Satan, the Dark Prince

Why I Won't Be Seeing
The Passion Of The Christ

...aside from the above

Although I would reserve judgement on the anti-semitism issue (perhaps it is a bigoted work, but it is based upon bigoted source material), I nevertheless have decided that it doesn't really behoove me to see this film.

The short version of why is quite simply that I don't care to see the torture and mutilation. That's just not my bag.

The more involved version deals with the fact that this myth has no real meaning or application in its original form to me. In addition to my primarily science-oriented mindset, it wasn't part of my background growing up, and so the crucifixion of Jesus means much less to me personally than, say, the crucifixion of Spartacus (now there's a movie! Mel Gibson must love that one too, because he practically remade it as Braveheart). There will no doubt be plenty of people in the theater having religious experiences watching this film, and they are welcome to it. For myself, I would rather watch something else.

I actually think that the fact that this is the generating story of Christianity is kind of on the creepy side.

Incidentally, aside from the language issue, Martin Scorsese's The Last Temptation Of Christ remains the most historically accurate depiction of crucifixion in cinema to date, based on actual archeological research. Gibson's film presents a more traditional Catholic version of a crucifixion, and is thus compromised by the stylization and mythification over two thousand years.

Sorry, folks, this is more like the real deal:

Subject is naked. Yes, naked.

He's nailed through his wrists and ankles because if he
was nailed through the hands and feet, they would tear off.

He is also bound to the cross in case any nailed part still tears off.

He's propped up by a spike at ass-level so that he doesn't stop breathing.

Crucifixion is nasty. I tend to avoid it when I can.


Hans Zimmer got sued by associate Jay Rifkin... ghostwriting is nothing new, friends and neighbors, and while it's not my place to get judgmental about situations I have no real knowledge of, I must say that I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner. Media Ventures' "apprentice" system is alternately championed or reviled, depending on which Internet chat room you visit, and the distressing uniformity of the music that comes out of that particular machine is never terribly comforting.
- Jason Comerford

I hope your career is ruined, you fucking hack!

You're a Pint of Guinness!

What Type of Alcoholic Beverage Are You?
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