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John Morgan posted over at the Film Score Monthly Message Board:
Our new Naxos Korngold album for THE SEA HAWK and DECEPTION is scheduled for a May release, although everything seems to take forever to do. Anyway, I have been asked by several people to post our track listing, so here it is:
    Disc One: (78:04)
    The Sea Hawk
  1. Main Title
  2. Spain: King and Alvarez/Donna Maria/Alvarez-Lopez/The Slaves
  3. The Big Drum
  4. The Albatros/Battle/Duel/Thanks for convincing the Trumpeter
  5. Slaves Release
  6. Night-Banquet
  7. Love Scene on the Boat/The Throne Room
  8. The Sea Hawks/The Monkey-Capt. Thorpe’s Entrance/Exit/Elisabeth & Thorpe
  9. Map of Panama
  10. Rose Garden
  11. Albatross-Kroner/Chart Maker/Astronomy
  12. The Chess Game/Farewell /Panama Montage/The Orchid
  13. Thorpe’s Men are Hiding/Gold Caravan
  14. Attack/You Know My Name/March/The Fight/In the Jungle/Relax/Thorpe cuts through Jungle/Ocean/The Hanging Man/The Trial/The Galley
  15. Donna Maria’s Song (soprano: Irina Romishevskaya)/After Maria’s Song/Maria Faints/Elisabeth Against Philip

    Disc Two: (66:44)
    The Sea Hawk (continued)
  1. After the Council-Maria’s Bedroom-Spanish Boat/I am Abbott/Rebellion/Cadiz
  2. The Slaves Liberate Themselves/The Murder
  3. The Fight with the Guard
  4. Knife Fight
  5. Happy Sailing
  6. The Arrival
  7. Reunion/New Difficulties
  8. Thorpe enters into Castle/Duel
  9. Finale/End Cast
  10. Original Theatrical Trailer

  11. Main Title
  12. Mysterioso
  13. Jealousy/Tenderness
  14. After the Party
  15. A Pity
  16. Preparation
  17. Paraphrase
  18. Newspaper
  19. Mirror
  20. Murder
  21. Alibi
  22. If
  23. The End/The Cast
  24. Original Theatrical Trailer
  25. Cello Concerto [Original film version]
    (Cello soloist: Alexander Zagorinsky)
Moscow Symphony Orchestra Conducted by William Stromberg
This is one of the most exciting releases of the year. While the Kojian recording is pretty good, I can't wait to hear how this recording is going to sound. Maybe we'll even get a DVD-Audio release for this, like the one for The Adventures of Robin Hood.

Today is Charles Darwin's birthday.
We should have the day off.
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