Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
Joshua Gizelt


I have never actively disliked coffee, but then again I didn't drink it that often either. Then, one day in the latter portion of last year, I had a hankering for some, and I've been drinking it in the morning ever since. Much of the reason for this was because of the easier availability of better coffee (I should mention that Starbucks didn't and still doesn't interest me). However, not having a coffee machine in the house, I have tended to have to wait until I got to work, two hours after having awakened, to have any.

I appropriated my grandmother's coffee machine from her because she never uses it. She prefers instant coffee instead of brewed (and you wonder why I complain about her cooking). The machine itself is pretty clunky (it's one of the ones that uses those pods) so and I might be replacing it very soon.

T'was nice to peruse my e-mail and LJ with a cup of coffee this morning.

Going to do my taxes today.
Tags: food
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