Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
Joshua Gizelt

Hysterical Revisionism

I have added almost an hour's worth of music to the Risk mp3 CD; the changes are now reflected in the post and on its entry on my mix list page. The material swelled to 689 MB, which is about just under the wire (not accounting for overburning, which I haven't tried with data discs in the new computer).

One of these millenia, I'll have to go through the material on the Jenga mp3 CD. This track listing is from version 4.8, from years ago; the most recent incarnation was version 6.0. I think I am going to go through the tracks themselves and see what I can do about getting rid of some of them and adding new ones. I'm also going to do what I did with the Risk mp3 CD, which is to program it into a good succession if played end to end, even though in general use it would be played at random. When I do that, I'll end up redoing the entry completely. That, however, is a rather large project, and I'm not about to take it on just yet.

And now for some gratuitous carnage (I don't care what you say, I like this movie)...

Please note that if Gustavo Santaolalla can win an Oscar for twelve minutes worth of music, then I can tag this entry for Jerry Goldsmith because of the four seconds of his music heard in the clip from The Thirteenth Warrior above.
Tags: jerry goldsmith, mix workshop, movie moments

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