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My Brother and Hate Crime

Yes, my brother has actually been involved in his first anti-semitic incident. A classmate of his started attacking him in school a few days ago, hurling epithets at him.

My brother is actually smarter than he appears. Because he is a good head taller than most of the other children in his grade, he refused to allow his attacker to goad him into action, knowing that the larger child will inevitably be found responsible.

My stepfather called the other child's parents to inform them that their son was using such terms, only to have himself be screamed at by the boy's father.

The parents of the school are outraged, as is the staff, and the boy faces a five-day in-school suspension. Apparently, this is a new discipline technique in which a child is isolated and have their work delivered to them.

It appears, however, that the sentence was suspended. My mother is going in tomorrow to find out what the exact situation is with that.

I never had to deal with this sort of thing growing up because of the fact that we lived in a largely Jewish neighborhood. I never dealt with any real anti-semitism until much later in my life. Zach seems to understand what is going on, but I can only imagine the shock that this must be for him.
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