Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
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One of the most shocking scenes in cinema history from one of my favorite movies, Alien. While the film had been stylish up until now, this was the first real left turn that was taken. If you have somehow managed to make it this far without having seen the film do not watch this scene as it contains some very big spoilers.

contains adult language and a lot of gore

In addition to being one of the most gory introductions of a title character ever (in the form of an almost literal version of vagina dentata), this terrifying perversion of birth imagery cuts to the core of why Alien worked so well, which is its contention that all life is to some extent parasitic. This is compounded in the footage itself by the performances; while the actors were aware of the fact that the chestburster was going to be coming out of John Hurt's abdomen, they didn't know that it had been outfitted with the geysers of blood. Veronica Cartwright's reaction to the spurts isn't feigned, that's real.
Tags: alien, cinema, jerry goldsmith, movie moments
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