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Fathers and Sons

This is a scene towards the end of the film and contains some spoilers.

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I watched this film last night as I am currently reading Max Allan Collins' follow-up novel Road to Purgatory (the original book was a graphic novel with some astounding artwork by Richard Piers Rayner). The film improves in several ways on the graphic novel in the dramatic sense - the concentration on the theme of fathers and sons that characterizes the above clip is an example - but the graphic novel and the subsequent books (there is another, Road to Paradise) were written by true-crime buff Collins to fit into the recorded history of actual events.

Interestingly, one of the things changed from the graphic novel to the film was the family name of Paul Newman and Daniel Craig's characters. In the graphic novel, it is "Looney," while in the film it is "Rooney." Interestingly, the name of the actual historical figures they were based on was, in fact, "Looney." The change was made for obvious reasons, but it is one of those cases where the actual fact is less 'believable' in a dramatic context than the fictionalization.
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