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Wild Signals

My current mix project, which I'm almost finished with (if I have time to complete it tonight, I will have made three mixes in as many weeks) is called Watch the Skies, and consists of John Williams' music for the science fiction films of Steven Spielberg. The disc will include music from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial, A.I. - Artificial Intelligence, Minority Report and War of the Worlds.* One track that I've been wavering on in the assembly of the disc is "The Abduction of Barry" (actually "Barry's Abduction" on the remaster, but if I include it I will revert back to the original Arista title). This is a marvelously avante-garde piece, but there is quite a lot of music on the disc from Close Encounters of the Third Kind already (including a lengthy suite I'm very proud of of the ship sequence that proves music doesn't have to be melodic or even consonant to be transcendentally beautiful) and I might need to make room for some more selections from the other relevant scores.

Now, the music is a terrifying exploration of the darkest registers of the orchestra and choir, and it plays beautifully against the suspenseful scene that it accompanies. It is one of my favorite tracks from Close Encounters of the Third Kind and is currently included on the premix, but it just doesn't seem to fit on the disc. I have already cut one track that I was convinced I never would, "E.T. and Me" from the original E.T. album recording (the replacement, "At Home" covers more thematic material while being an intriguing as a mini-suite of its own), so I've already slaughtered one baby. I'm just wondering if this is one that I should or shouldn't.

The scene follows. It is ostensibly work safe, but very, very scary...

* I had originally planned to include one track each from Jurassic Park and The Lost World, which technically qualify for inclusion on this album, but space grew short and I was forced to abandon their inclusion. I figure that if this disc works fine as a companion piece to Nature Finds a Way and with The Adventures of Indiana Jones as well.
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