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Preparations for Battle

My mother feels that I never really thanked her for my tuxedo. This is apparent because every time I wear it, she volunteers to get it dry cleaned for me and won't give it back. It's not that she refuses to give it to me, it's that she insists that I have it. Then she proceeds to give me something in a suit carrier that has some elements of my tuxedo, but isn't the whole thing. I have no idea where the jacket is. I have the pants and the vest, but that's it.

However, I did find a rather snazzy suit in there; it must be Steven's, but it fits me and I have a tie that will go with it. I have already checked in to my flight and printed out my boarding pass (I love the internet!); I'm packed and have already called for a cab to pick me up tomorrow morning at 8:30, so I'm all set. I also had to be mindful in packing that as warm as it was here today (I am wearing shorts for the first time this year), it will be even warmer down there.

There's nothing left for me to do but finish Watch the Skies: The Science Fiction Films of Steven Spielberg project (which is sounding rather nice right now)... so I might make my three mixes in three weeks record after all!
Tags: family, mix workshop, travels
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