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Ready to go...

I managed to finish both the disc and the artwork for Watch the Skies. The project didn't come out the way I expected it to, but sometimes when the mix just forms itself. This was one of those cases; just hearing the music on the premix and how it fit together made me restructure the album significantly. The new assembly is pretty intense.

I really enjoyed rediscovering Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which I hadn't heard in a while. While I was screening tracks for inclusion, I was playing the 5.1 Advanced Resolution DVD-Audio tracks of A.I., so even though the final mix of the CD sounds great (as always, all music files are kept uncompressed during editing and assembly), it doesn't quite have the depth and dimension it had in the higher resolution format.

I'm all packed, I just have to toss the laptop in the bag and go out and wait for the bus.
Tags: john williams, mix workshop, travels

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