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Yes, ladies and germs, my bank account has swelled to obscene proportions. I have just paid off my rent for the rest of the year and am going to do the same with my cell-phone bill.

It is nice to be in the middle class again. That whole poverty-level thing just wasn't my scene.

L / reverse L
You're the dependable all-purpose utilityman.
You can squeeze into tight places, fill big gaps,
make a space for your fellow pieces,
and rack up big-point triples with equal ease.
You rock.

Which Tetris piece are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Meg the Legend referred me to a gender test. Apparently, the fact that I would replace a roll of toilet paper codes me female. This explains a lot.

Attention Suit

"Do you like movies about gladiators?"

Tee hee.

Lost In Pan-and-Scan

"So, which one of us do you think will be cropped?"

At long last having something to spend, I finally bought the DVD of Lost In Translation. When I brought it home, I found to my horror that I had purchased the "Full Screen Edition." I was able to return the disc and exchange it for the real thing, but I was shocked and appalled that there even was a "Full Screen Edition" for Lost In Translation. It just doesn't seem like the type of film that stupid people would like, so it didn't even occur to me that there would be a need for one.

The guy behind the counter was cool with exchanging it for me, although he was a little taken aback by my virulent hatred of pan-and-scanning. I didn't feel like explaining the whole thing to him: that I am a filmmaker, and the idea of cropping part of the relevant image-space or unmasking part of the frame that wasn't supposed to be seen is anathema to me; that I have a 16:9 capable monitor and the picture quality on an anamorphically enhanced disc (of which the proper, widescreen edition of Lost In Translation is) is a distinct improvement; that I had a laserdisc player long before DVDs came out, so I am not used to watching films that were panned-and-scanned (that's why I never really went for cable TV).

From My Heart and From My Hands
Why Don't People Understand?

I recently had misplaced my DVD of Weird Science. Happily enough, it has been recovered and restored to its proper place among my collection.

As silly as this film is (and it is damn silly), I have to say that it is the one John Hughes film that really holds up to repeated viewing. Several of the sequences in it are, in my opinion, as classic comedy moments as anything in Some Like It Hot, including the bar scene ("Drink it!") and Wyatt slapping Gary.

"How about a nice, greasy pork sandwich
served up in a dirty ashtray?"

Incidentally, I tried doing all that they do in the movie to create Kelly LeBrock. It doesn't work. I ended up with Bea Arthur.

The Return of the King Superbad!!!

Waystone has brought to my attention the following two quotes regarding the extended version of The Return of the King...

It is rumoured Peter Jackson said the following at the Copenhagen premiere. Basically he commented that the first cut of Return of the King had a running time of four hours and fifty minutes. When asked why this was too long for theatres but acceptable for DVD, he said:"It is different with the DVD version. People watch it at home. They can lay on the couch or spread the experience over two or three nights. That is the amazing thing with DVD. It gives a whole new dynamic and I can assure you that the DVD version of Return of the King will be longer than 4 hours and 50 min."

* * *

Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf) appeared on Jonathan Ross, and he said that the Extended Edition would be over five hours long.

Here we illuminate a major problem with the internet that Harlan Ellison has pointed out in the past: information is suspect. While I would be ecstatic with a five and a half hour edition of The Return of the King spread to three discs, these tidbits of information, some of them possibly taken out of context, can raise expectations for a product that may not show up.


"Pardon me while I kick your ass."
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