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"Impressive... most impressive."

As I indicated yesterday, I have completed the new draft of the Star Wars trilogy mix. This included finalizing the edit of "The Executor," a track that gave me a bit of trouble. Well, I've gotten something that I can live with, and the track as a whole is pretty damn exciting. It serves to introduce the Imperial March on the mix, but the first part of it is also a reconstruction of an iconic cue from the trilogy as a whole.

The opening (0:00 - 0:44) is the concert arrangement of the Imperial March (taken from the Arista box set), which then cuts to "Aboard the Executor" (from the Special Edition set), the cue Williams had originally written for the scene (0:45 - 1:36). The edit is noticable, but it is pretty much exactly what appears in the film (I refer readers to this post again, which features the scene in question). As the March picks up again (the dirty look Ozzell gives Piett, see below), I segue to the beginning of "Aboard the Executor" for the dire version of the Imperial March that was the original intention to play over the images of the Imperial Fleet and the revelation of the Executor (0:37 - 2:12). I also slightly beefed up the tail by adding the drum roll from the conclusion of "Aboard the Executor." While I understand why the alteration was made (I did, after all, recreate it here), I feel that it works well to introduce the relentless aggression of the Imperial Starfleet.

The preceeding track to this on the album is Palpatine's theme taken from "The Emperor Arrives" from Return of the Jedi (from the Arista set), and the following track on theis an abridgement of "Tales of a Jedi Knight" from the Special Edition soundtrack of Star Wars (there is a lot of contrast).

Tags: film music, john williams, mix workshop, star wars
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