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The Jenganator!

I went to the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden in Astoria today with a whole bunch of the friends, many of whom were in Florida with us. Yes, the place is a "Beer Garden," but while they do have beer there, they also had a complete bar (with some rather nice dark rums) and a lot of heavy Czech and Slovak food, including perogies, kielbasa, goulash and schnitzel. There was also this rather delectable chocolate gingerbread cake, and an excellent apple cobbler. We were there for a ludicrously long amount of time; time operates at a different rate in a Beer Garden than it does anywhere else.

A few weeks ago, I replaced my ailing Jenga set for a new one. I was surprised to find that (and almost missed it in the store as a result of) the fact that they have repackaged the game. The new case is cylindrical... while any hopes that they may have restored the original plastic stacking sleeve instead of the cheesy cardboard one was dashed immediately, the diameter of the new set allows it to fit a CD perfectly. Furthermore, I recently got a piece of junk mail that included a short DVD; the method by which the disc was affixed to the letter was the perfect solution to protecting the disc in the Jenga cylinder.

Ever since I began work on the Risk mp3 CD, I have been meaning to revisit its sister project, the Jenga mp3 CD with an eye towards finding an effective play order (as with the Risk disc, the intention is for the music to be played at random, but not all mp3 CD players support shuffle functions) and going through the tracks and weeding out the ones that are less effective. I have begun this process; I have abandoned all of the sound effects tracks; the gunshots, screams, laughs and cannons, while effective, never really felt right... the only exception I made is that I retained "They're All Going To Laugh at You" from the Rykodisc edition of the Carrie soundtrack; while it is technically a sound montage rather than music proper, it fits the tone of the rest of the disc better. The only new track I've added at the moment is an excerpt of "Mountain Hunt" from First Blood, but I expect to change that soon enough. I also plan to go through the existing tracks; many of these were ripped from the initial Jenga audio CDs I had made years ago with much more primitive editing technology, and I'd like to clean up some of the intros and extros that sounds sloppy in comparison to my current work, also, some of these scores - particularly those for the Bond films - have been remastered in the interim.

However, the first step in doing any of this is to properly catalogue everything that is already there, which I have now done. For the first time ever, the Jenga mp3 CD's post and the corresponding entry on my mix list have been updated and now accurately reflect the current state of the project. I previously had posted a copy of an existing track listing that I had not updated since 2003. Several tracks had been added over the years to the relevant folder, and others I had either discarded earlier or discarded while doing this current preliminary overview. I haven't had a chance yet to put these into any play order; I want to examine more carefully what's here, although there were a few choices where I didn't know what the hell I was thinking.

USELESS TRIVIA: James Horner's score for Battle Beyond the Stars is the work that got him the job composing the score for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and his career has been meteoric ever since. The orchestra for Battle Beyond the Stars was conducted by none other than David Newman, who for some reason was never credited on the LP sleeve and subsequent CD release.
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