Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
Joshua Gizelt

A quick one while he's away...

In making a copy of my Alien mix for waystone, I found a glaring error in the suite from Aliens that must have occured when I had made a revision, abandoning mixing together music from all the films (which was something of a disaster given how stylistically different these scores are) to being individual suites from each film (which was how I had always previously done any Alien mix). The tracks were running into one another, not in any way I intended. The suites from the other three films were just fine, but that one was a big mess. I therefore did another tweak of an existing master, just correcting the problem on the Aliens suite. I didn't bother making a new entry as this disc is identical to the previous one only with the mistakes in the Aliens suite removed and one slight addition made (a brief textural piece from "The Alien Queen" bridges "Going After Newt" with "Bishop's Countdown"), instead just updating the original entry and its appearance on my mix list to conform to the new master.

Processing Station Sequence


The setup . . . white-knuckle tension

The payoff . . . high octane thrill ride

The latter clip contains what of "Ripley's Rescue" made it into the film...
Tags: alien, cinema, elliot goldenthal, james horner, jerry goldsmith, movie moments
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