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The name of the game is Risk

So it has finally come to pass. After several months of broken plans and false starts, we have finally managed to get a Risk game together. And what a game it was, lasting almost seven hours, with the card cashes mounting way up there. In fact, nobody was removed from the game for quite a while; Russ was first man out,¹ but that didn't occur until well into the game... as a matter of fact, it was agreed afterwards that everybody involved played a very strong game. Nate ended up winning; he came within a hair's breadth of being wiped out by Coop, who swept through him but left him alive in one territory. Then Nate double cashed for 85 and 90 and he went after me with 175 armies in addition to the myriad of forces he had on the board to get my cards (I had just received by fifth), and that was the game. That was one long final round though...

I specifically designed the Risk mp3 CD to have what it takes to score a long session, but I had no idea that we would have to take advantage of so much of it on its maiden game.

An additional card was added to the set of cartoon cards yesterday:
The Spotlight
The Spotlight

Sometimes players get away with quietly building up; if they are out of the way of the major thrust of the action, it might go unnoticed for a few rounds. This is issued to any player whose clandestine schemes are exposed by another.
When I draw these, I usually try to mix up different historical periods as for the human animal, war is eternal (which is why the Treaty Gridlock card, for example, has chariots, tanks, battle axes, jeeps, scimitars and a robot; don't get me started by what's going on with that Roving Horde, although the sharp-eyed may well pick up Optimus Prime's arm sticking out of it). The kaleidescope of elements that went into the soldier here - coonskin cap, bayonet, chuba and modern boots - was a source of amusement second only to the expression on his face.

¹ Sans Taco Bell run. That is apparently a ritual lost to our youth. Nate wisely suggested several weeks ago that the first man out should go to Taco Bell for tradition's sake, and pick up an order of guacamole (25¢), but apparently it was not to be.