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Move over Rover, and let Jimi take over...

The weather is getting warmer, and with that usually comes a shift in my musical listening habits. I tend to listen to a lot more rock in the warmer weather. I don't know why this is so. I never even noticed it until a few years ago.

I have a tendency to prepare for this sort of thing, though. The Jimi Hendrix mp3 CD I put in my car was made several weeks ago, along with the Pink Floyd disc (I through on the CD I made of the material from Live at Pompeii, as I think that is one of their best performances) and the Rolling Stones.

Led Zeppelin gets play all year round in my car, but what will happen now is that I will shift from listening to stuff like side two of III to II and the whatnot... in other words, I'll go from the mellower stuff to the harder stuff.

It is time I redo my Bob Dylan disc, as the remasters are now all out. It will be nice to have this box set for when my SACD player comes back from the shop, so I can hear Blood on the Tracks and Blonde on Blonde in 5.1!!! I also need to pick up the 5.1 SACD of Tommy by the Who. So much wonderful stuff for us crazy audiophiles...

DVD Burner Has Arrived

...and it works very nicely. Now, for some reason, my Plextor is giving me all kinds of shit. I'm going to have to have a nice, long discussion with it.

Safety Notice

For all those taking part in the festival of Pesach (Passover to all you goyim out there), keep in mind that the Surgeon General has issued the following warning:
Seder participants should not partake of both chopped liver and charoseth. Leading medical research has concluded that it can lead to charoseth of the liver.

Screenplay Anxiety

The abridged version.

The current version of the film script I am working on with Suit clocks in at about 170 pages. We're expecting to add about another ten pages or so, leaving us with 180 pages.

General rule of thumb is that a page of screenplay is equal to a minute of screen time.


I am of the opinion that the art must dictate its own parameters, of course, and if this film needs to be three hours long to tell the story it tells, then fine. I was hoping for something a little less voluminous, though.

Fuck Test Audiences!!!

Wolfang Peterson has removed Gabriel Yared's score from Troy after audiences at test screenings complained it was "too old fashioned." It is being replaced by the same smelly old shit that James Horner has been slathering over his film projects since 1986.

I want to know what is wrong with an old fashioned score for a film about the Trojan War? Wouldn't that make sense?

This news is almost as bad as the news last year that because Jerry Bruckheimer is an asshole (who deserves to die a slow and painful death sad and alone) that Alan Silvestri's no doubt brilliant score for Pirates of the Carribean would be replaced by Klaus Badelt's Media Ventures by-the-numbers musical vomit.
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