Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
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North by Northwest

One of the more frustrating things about putting together a mix is towards the end of the preliminary selection period, when I'm still listening to all the albums and making notes as to what cues I might want to include and any editorial notes I might have on them.* The problem is not the listening... that is rather nice, and allows me often to discover scores that are new to me, such as Shoes of the Fisherman, or give me a chance to make good on the scores that I always meant to devote more time to, such as Cleopatra. Towards the end of the selection process, however, there is a point at which the album has started to take on a general shape, and I am itching to get my hands on the tracks to start putting it together... but of course, I'm not ready to do so.

"Do you like movies about gladiators?"

Happily, I reached that point last night and was able to start work on the tracks for the Alex North epic compilation. I started, fittingly enough, with Spartacus; my first task was to create a wav file that is a reconstruction the film version of the main title, which I've added to my Spartacus playlist. I was working very hard on tracks, whittling down each cue and assembling short suites. I had just finished the Spartacus tracks and was ready to start ripping some of the other CDs... which would no doubt have meant that I would have ended up unwittingly working well into the morning. Luckily, waystone gave me a very well-timed phone call, and I was able to save my work and power down the computer before I was assured of becoming a zombie today.

* For example, seeing "'Waiting' + 'Gladiators Fight to the Death' → 'Draba,'" written in my notebook means I'm combining the cue for Spartacus and Draba's pre-battle vigil and the actual fight itself into a single track titled "Draba."
Tags: alex north, film music, mix workshop

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