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I can't express how cathartic finishing off the Alex North compilation was yesterday. As I mentioned yesterday, the project has been seriously eating into my sleep... not that I've been insomniac or anything, just that when I put on the headphones and start working on the mixes, it is very easy to lose track of time. I'd been hanging out with Charlie, Dre and Tye after work all week, so I wasn't getting home until around 8:00... but yesterday I made it a point to leave work early and spend all night completing the mix, which I have finally done. I listened to a good portion of the first disc on the way to work today and was pretty happy with the results thus far... though I did tweak the first disc a bit last night, so I might end up doing the same with the second. We shall see.

Dave and jailnurse are coming by tonight. I'm looking forward to it, but since I'm meeting Dave in the city, I won't have the chance to throw the vacuum cleaner around, which I desperately need to do. Ah, well. At least the apartment isn't a complete mess.

"Gladiators Fight to the Death" is the second portion
of the track "Draba" on the mix.
Tags: alex north, film music, mix workshop, movie moments, stanley kubrick
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