Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
Joshua Gizelt

"I'm sorry, Venkman. I'm terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought."

Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson discuss Ghostbusters:

I hear I've been boring the shit out of people with all I've been writing about the Alex North mix, but it is now complete, so once I post the track listing and liner notes, thou shalt never hear herald again. I finished the final edit of the second disc and the cover artwork last night. There are a few moments here and there that I wish sounded better, mostly from Spartacus (surprisingly, most of the tracks from 2001 don't sound so bad in context), but I think that musically it is pretty damn strong. It is two discs, but it is packed with good stuff, and a lot of variety. I really had a lot of fun with this one.

I'm still breaking in the new equipment. While the Bluetooth on the phone is quite nice, it is giving me problems about downloading the Gmail client. It also won't go to the mobile Gmail site for some reason. Other than that, it is sweet. It is so small that it barely weighs anything, but the vibrate is noticable. And I like the buttons.

It was really disturbing to have both my phone and my laptop die on the same day. Both are my primary means of communication, and until I got the phone replaced, I felt very cut off. While you might question whether a cell phone is a necessity considering that I lived most of my life without one, I would respond that since I do not have a home phone, this is pretty necessary.

I'll be handing the work laptop back in tomorrow or Wednesday morning. I may or may not get it back; if I do get another one, I'll just keep it with my tools at work. I have a flash drive, so any downloading that I would normally have done at work I can still do.
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