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Edenfield v. Fane

For my Freedom of Speech class, I had to look up this case and answer some questions about it. While the experience of going to the CUNY Law Library and finding the right tome was interesting, it was also, unfortunately, rather dry.

You see, Scott Fane was a C.P.A. who would telephone businessmen, set up meetings and go and essentially hawk his accounting services. He did this in New Jersey, and then moved to Florida, where personal solicitation for commercial purposes was prohibited.

The law is unconstitutional. Trust me.

The point is that I am dealing with boring C.P.A.s, while my classmate Stacey has this sizzling hot case about nude dancing and zoning laws.

My case.

Stacey's case.

Which do you think is more interesting?

Banana 6000

Click here for information on the Banana 6000.

Has anybody other than myself noticed that the little computer icon for the Mac version of Microsoft Word is identical to Oliver Wendell Jones' old computer? It even acts like it, too!

Man, a lot of fun was had with that little tinkertoy.
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