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This Is for Your Memory

I want to thank everybody for their messages. The funeral is tomorrow; I had spent the weekend at my parents' just doing what I can to make things as easy as possible for Steven and Zach. It has been something of a flurry of activity, so I'm taking today to sort of organize myself.

On a more frivilous note, jailnurse sent me this. Excellent.

waystone has to see the dentist... and she's never seen The Little Shop of Horrors. I made sure she watched this clip first:


It was the least I could do.

Now... I had just completed Love and Hope: The Epic Film Music of Alex North. It sounded real good. I was very proud of it. I put together the artwork (a rather austere affair cribbed primarily from Saul Bass' work on the titles for Spartacus; the same overall design for both discs and jacket but with slightly different images). I had burned and printed out the first 'official' copies for waystone and hadara. I was even composing the liner notes in Semagic for eventual posting here, and had updated my mix list with an entry for it in Composer Compilations (though it did, and still, only leads to the putz redirect). T'was a project I was ready to call closed.

But it was not to be.

Varèse Sarabande has announced their club releases, and prominent among a bunch of mouth-watering releases is North's music for the 1952 version of Les Misérables. This is a score long thought to be lost, and so I paid it no mind when I went ahead and created my mix. But it is out now (and already ordered, along with Franz Waxman's Anne of Indies, a pirate movie score which I'm also really excited about).

Les Misérables certainly qualifies as an epic. All of the project files for Love and Hope are still on the desktop computer; it was actually fortuitous timing that I hadn't yet started deleting any of those wav files. However, it is rather strange... I am, of course, very happy to see a major score by one of my favorite composers (I really enjoyed Intrada's release of North's The Devil's Brigade as well). But it is relevant to a project that I had finished, so it feels a bit weird to re-open it once more.


...and the merchandising thereof
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