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Update to the Radio Shack Incident

Message to the Tandy Corporation:
Sit and Spin!!!

I couldn't find my hands-free device for my cellphone on Saturday night. The only place I could get to within a reasonable amount of time was that very same local Radio Shack I had visited earlier in the day to get extension cables for my new turntable (which is working beautifully, by the way).

I have always hated the fact that you could go into a Radio Shack for a pair of AA batteries and end up having to tell them what your name, address, phone number, sexual preference, account balance, blood type, sperm count and communicable diseases. They have since stopped harassing the customers for this information unless they have a service plan (thank goodness), but they still operate on commission.

I went in to get an earphone. A wire with a little speaker and a microphone on one end, and a little plug on the other end. For some reason, the salesperson felt that I really wanted a new phone, because mine was so old. I tried to explain to him that it is very new, and that I don't want to replace it because it happens to do everything I want it to do, but he wouldn't hear of it. No, this phone was old... and this generation of Samsungs were always twichy (my phone is a Hitachi).

He then pressed me on why the antennae on my phone is broken. I informed him that I didn't give a damn because I still get reception everywhere. He continued to ask if I wouldn't be interested in a different carrier, and I informed him that I have had Sprint PCS for four years, and am a valued customer, so they bend over backwards to accomodate me.

All this between me walking in the door, picking out a hands-free device, paying for it and walking out. Five minutes at best.

I used to work at a Radio Shack (Aerolynt may remember). I don't remember this attitude being in the manual. I'm sorry, but I do not react well to hard-sell, mostly because there is little that Mr. Radio Shack boy can tell me that I don't already know. When it comes to electronics and gadgets, I have forgotten more than these pimply-faced high school shits will ever know, and I don't like the assumption that I am an easy mark.

Fuck 'em. There's one way to handle this... I won't be shopping at Radio Shack again.



I have since recovered the other hands-free device, and am keeping one exclusively in the car.
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