Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
Joshua Gizelt

Monday Reveries

I have no idea why the gnarled old lady I saw on the subway this morning had a bag from "Spandex World." I'm glad not knowing.

So... Fred and George felt Ron could use a copy of How To Pick Up Trashy Witches, eh? 20 points to anybody who gets that reference.

This new phone is fantastic. In one day of ownership of the Sanyo I managed to restore all functions that I couldn't the Samsung to do for almost a month (for example, I can now access my Gmail as well as my Hotmail as well as make rudimentary LJ posts - I have to check out TxtLj). The texting functions have all of the advantages of this generation of T9 without the annoying tendency of the Samsung to freeze.

The available wireless in my area is getting very sparse. In order to make the post with the review of Once and reflections on Deathly Hallows (note that the link will take you to the uncut entry, with spoilers on the latter) I actually drove around my neighborhood looking for a spare unsecured wireless network (I had composed it in Semagic). I'm going to have to order broadband from somewhere very soon.

I have been catching up in my I Claudius with much relish. You can't just call Siân Phillips' Livia "evil," it doesn't really cover the aplomb with which she does what she does... the only way that word that really works is if it pronounced "eeeeevil." Hair is a big issue while watching this show, of course... Patrick Stewart has some on his head and Brian Blessed doesn't have any on his face! Observe...

I couldn't find my favorite scene: "He is bringing up green slime! I've never seen anything like it before!" "Green, you say? I've never seen that before."
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