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The Dirty Sandinista

No, it's not a variation on the Dirty Sanchez.

It is a new drink, created last night by myself and my friend Raz. While it is not as novel as some other drinks that I have seen invented (the Pussy Galore and the Keyser Söze spring to mind), it is a very flavorful one.

Basically, it is a White Russian with chocolate syrup, but it is the specific ingredients that make the Dirty Sandinista so compelling. It is essential that one use real potato vodka (such as Luksusowa) and Patron's coffee liquer (I will never drink Kalhua again). Furthermore, for that true Brooklyn flavor, the chocolate syrup should be none other than Fox's U-Bet.

Trust me, it's wonderous.

"Hey, man, there's a beverage here!"

Air America

Thankfully, some counterprogramming to the Fox and WABC fascist radio propoganda machines is coming.

Here are the announced stations:
New York - WLIB 1190 AM

Los Angeles - KBLA 1580 AM

Chicago - WNTD 950 AM

Portland, OR- KPOJ 620 AM

Inland Empire, CA- KCAA 1050 AM

XM Satellite Radio - Channel 167

Stations in San Francisco and San Jose are being planned, and television outlets will be announced shortly.

They have a program called Morning Sedition. Their tag line is, "Time to wake up, brush your teeth and stick it to The Man."

I love it.

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