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This is new...


In general, while I may have been toying with the idea of several mixes at once, this is the first time I've ever been in a situation where I'm actually working on several at once. I have no less than four projects at the moment - the Alex North epic mix, the neo-noir mix, the mobster mix and the Bruce Broughton western mix - each of which, I have started making selections and edits for... but I can't really assemble any of them until the latest shipments come in (I'm still waiting on Les Misérables for the North mix, damn it).

While the neo-noir and gangster compilations would seem joined at the hip, it turns out that the resulting discs will most likely be of a very different flavor. In going through the tracks to include, I found a surprising amount of very beautiful, wistful melodies in the latter, while the former tended to be simultaneously passionate and cold. And the tone of either is radically different from the lively and aggressive Broughton cues I've been reviewing for inclusion on the western mix... there is no trouble of me keeping each project straight.

I've never multi tasked like this before. I've always started on one mix, worked on it until the end and then proceeded to the next one, even if I was aware already of what the next one would be. For the first time, I have a whole bunch of projects going simultaneously; I am taking all the selected tracks and doing whatever necessary editing and sound adjustments required to make it consistent with the rest of the albums. When the time comes to assemble each one, I will have to do one by one, there is no way I could move from project to project at that stage and make anything remotely resembling a cohesive whole, but by working on the tracks beforehand, I am able to make that process a lot faster as well.

On the other hand, it is frustrating because I'm itching by this point to start putting the discs together already...

And for a sneak preview of how that mobster mix is going to open...

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