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Looking at Heaven

As I had watched Death Rides a Horse last night, I pulled Ennio Morricone's score off the shelf and was playing it earlier today... then, when I went out to get the wireless router (and printer as well, more on that one I have it set up), I checked the mail and the copy of Bruce Broughton's score for Roughing It, which I had ordered in preparation for the Broughton western mix I'm planning. You can't ask for a greater contrast than these two scores!

The score for Roughing It was a whole lot of fun. I want to listen to it a few more times before I will be making any selections, but I've already come across a few tracks from this bouncy score that I know will end up on the mix... and a few others I'd love to shoehorn in there if I can. The film looks like it might be interesting as well, if for no other reason than James Garner playing Samuel Clemens sounds like great casting to me. Netflix has a listing for it, but the disc is not available at present.

While the rousing Silverado theme which is often heard at sporting events and had an Oscar nomination is more iconic, I'm going to instead go with the more muscular one from Tombstone. It's one of those themes that you know had to have been written after they made the film, because if it was heard beforehand, the casting sessions would required one of those clowns you see in amusement parks... you know, the ones that say "You must be at least this tall to be permitted on this ride." Only the clown would have a twelve inch ruler and say "Your penis must be at least this long to be permitted to stride to this theme."

jailnurse found this whilst prowling about on the WebTV-like Wii internet feature.

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