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I had a conversation with jailnurse about LJ as he was showing me the Web features of the Wii (as I commented earlier, it is very similar to WebTV). We discussed the fields one fills out when creating a post; he doesn't bother using them for anything other than as a gag, while I tend to try to be as accurate as possible.

Very early on in the life of this journal, I was dressed down by waystone for not having filled out the music section of a post. While what I wrote was technically accurate, it wasn't particularly interesting. Ever since, if I am not listening to anything while posting, I list the last thing I had been listening to. For example, I am not currently listening to anything, but I listed Bruce Broughton's Tombstone under "Original Score" as I was listening to it earlier. I have actually found this to be a fairly useful tool to observe patterns in my own music listening habits; it certainly shows whenever I'm on a particular musical kick whether I'm writing about it or not.

With the mood I try to fill it out as straightforwardly as possible because I never really thought not to. Every once and a while I enter in something different (most commonly, jenvargas' friend Kanoa's term "Chillax") but for the most part what you read there is going to be a fairly accurate description of the mood that I was in while making the post. While this may mean little or nothing to anybody else (particularly given the nature of what I'm usually posting about) I have found this to be rather useful for the "journal" aspect of the blog. And I like the little dragon.

My tags are, of course, very deliberate and carefully maintained. While this may offer some sort of benefit to the reader, my primary interest in keeping them so well-sorted is to make the journal more easily navigational for myself.

This brings us to the location field, or "setting." One is supposed to put their current street address in there, and it shows up as a link once the entry has been posted that goes to Google Maps. If you don't know where I live or work and want to, you may ask and I will decide whether I will tell you or not. Why I would want to post my exact address in a public blog post is beyond my comprehension, so instead I simply list the location as text.
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