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Work: A mixed bag

Yes, I have finally found myself a job. I have positive income again, a paycheck every week and I now can relax a bit about finances, which were non-existant only two weeks ago.


Unfortunately, the job that I have, as a security guard for Barclays bank at 200 Park Avenue, is the dullest eight hours I could ever have hoped for. I literally stand around and do nothing for eight hours. NOTHING. Okay, I breathe. My heart beats. But that's it.

Furthermore, it is a requirement of my position that I have no beard. This was a painful thing for me. I briefly shaved my beard in December, and ended up growing it back because the face in the mirror wasn't mine. Now I have no choice. I had been looking for work for three months and now I had a job... and, frankly, I can always grow the beard back. Still, I am not comfortable without it. I have had it for close to nine years now, after all.

This horrific turn of fate has its silver linings, however. One is the aforementioned pay, which while not keeping me in clover will nevertheless pay the rent, which is a better situation than before. Furthermore, the company I work for is called "Risk," so I get to pay homage to one of my favorite games while earning a paycheck.

The other thing that may work out is that I found out today that Barclays had stepped up their security force during wartime (why this might be so is beyond me... I guess it is just another facet of the government-spawned paranoia). Now that the war is pretty much a done deal, the bank is relaxing the security and allowing Risk to redistribute their work force. This works for me because it turns out that Barclays has a normal complement of eight security guards. They have had eighteen these past two weeks. I get the feeling that some of the posts that have been so mind-numbingly dull may actually be splits of previously larger areas... perhaps the job will improve. And if it doesn't, I at least have this until I find something else.

I got a chance to see a friend who lives in Boston this weekend, which was very nice. Since he and I have been collaborating on a screenplay for the past couple of months, it was great to actually be face-to-face with him. He actually sent me a couple of really funny scenes yesterday. I suppose a good scene is one which makes you laugh when you read it, even though you know about the scene already...

Coming up this weekend will be Art's Birthday Bash on Saturday, and Tim's family's Swarthy People's Easter (celebrated one week after White People's Easter), which is always a good time, so I anticipate massive amounts of fun.

School starts up again next week, so I can get my study groove thing goin'.

I recently made a new mix CD called Trances, which consists of blues and bluesy rock. Nothing particularly ground-shatteringly new there, I must say, but it is a bunch of good songs that sound good together. I took a nice long walk with Trances in my CD player, and my old friend Mary Jane, and it was one of those moments when you can go with the flow of music... I'm very proud of this one, I must say.

My money has allowed me to purchase again. I am currently building up a most impressive collection of Jimi Hendrix DVDs (The Isle of Wight concert looks like the best, although the concert footage from Band of Gypsys looks really awesome... not in terms of picture or sound quality, but in terms of how his playing is).

I also picked up the Beatles Anthology, which is, to my sensibilities, up there with Carl Sagan's Cosmos and Ken Burns' The Civil War in terms of documentary series that really draw you in. What has been done with the sound on these DVDs is so stunning that it really brings up how badly in need of remastering all the Beatles albums really are.

That's all for now. I should be back on line myself in a matter of weeks, but for now I am still biting off of other people's computers. I swallow my pride for internet access.
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