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SPECTRE of the past...

Courtesty of shelleybear over at bondfans comes this interview with Paul Haggis. Apparently Bond 22 will begin 2 minutes after Casino Royale ended and will maintain the edgy quality about the character that was so lauded in the previous film.

Fine by me. Casino Royale was to my taste the best of the recent Bond films (possibly the best since On Her Majesty's Secret Service), and I am quite eager to see the character developed in this path. Of the post OHMSS films, the one I felt closest to the Fleming feel was The Living Daylights, and I enjoyed how The World is Not Enough played with the Bond formula, though I am not without reservations about it. Casino Royale managed to slot Fleming's character perfectly into a modern setting, aided in no small part by Daniel Craig having taken the Bond persona and making it his own. He is the first Bond performer that didn't seem to come in the shadow of Sean Connery.

Okay, so a lot of people seem to be confused as to what Microsoft bribing Paramount over to exclusively producing HD-DVDs means.

Yes... it does prolong the format war somewhat, though not as much as people seem to think; Paramount initially stated they would be releasing on HD-DVD and loosened up to admit a few Blu-Ray releases. No, it doesn't mean the death of optical discs... if optical discs are slated to die (and they may well be), this isn't going to be the cause of it. What it does mean is that the price of the equipment will plummet even more than they already have.

The doom and gloomers seem to forget that there was a format war for every video format... VHS vs. Beta, laserdisc vs. CED Videodiscs (video on vinyl), DVD vs. DIVX. If one format is destined to win, it will eventually (and the VHS/Beta war proved that it isn't always the technologically advanced option that does). If not, combo players are coming down in price as well.
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