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The Curse of Feedback

Thus far, I three people have seen the screenplay. They have all reacted positively to it, which is quite heartening. Apparently, the characters and situations are engaging.

My cinematographer, however, has said that while he loves the script, he feels that it is way too long.

I agree.

While I know that it is necessary to kill your babies when writing, it is particularly difficult right now. For the first time, the whole thing is together, the story that Suit and I have worked on for over a year is complete. There is a certain amount of euphoria associated with the screenplay right now because of this, and that first cut is going to be the most painful.

I have already started trimming some of the more rough edges, shortening scenes, inserting hard cuts to advance the story faster (Jay liked this) and so on. I have not yet eliminated any significant dialogue, however, and that prospect scares the hell out of me.
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