Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
Joshua Gizelt

Enter Max

In one of the memes I took this weekend I had to answer the question, "When you're in a bad mood, what will always put you in a better mood?" I cited listening to a few film scores that make me happy as a probably course of action. After I made my furious rant this morning, I took my own advice and listened to David Shire's Max Dugan Returns on the way to my first job. It cheered me right up, which turned out to be advantageous as I ended up with a shitload of unpleasant work. It would have been a rather horrible day if I hadn't cheered myself up already. Instead, I ended up with two hours of overtime.

Oh, and to the guys at Intrada, I send out a loud and bodacious "EXCELLENT!!!" for their most triumphant release!

Tags: bloom county, cartoons, cinema, david shire, film music, work
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