Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
Joshua Gizelt

The Daggers of Meggido

As I've been in such a Jerry Goldsmith mood of late, I listened to The Face of the AntiChrist: The Omen Trilogy and was pretty entertained again, but noticed a few minor bits and pieces here and there that could have used some work. I cracked open that master and made a few very minor adjustments in order to smooth it out.

The edit in "Damien and the Thorns" is a bit cleaner, the main title from The Final Conflict has been retitled "The Daggers of Meggido," and I corrected a problem with the transition from "The Killer Storm" (the previous track) as well. The rest of the disc is completely untouched... save for the ending. I was never really happy with the endgame of the original disc, and I had an inspiration on how to handle it. The main title from The Omen formerly closed the album, but I replaced that with "The Birthmark," a combination of the adjacent cues "The Bed" and "666," and I placed it before "The Final Conflict," thus effectively switching places with "All the Power," the dire arrangement of "Ave Satani" that closes off Damien; this appeared before "The Final Conflict" on the original compilation, but now it concludes the album with a bit less redundancy.

I, of course, retained the hissing and whispers that closed out the expanded CD of The Final Conflict, which appears here after a pause; the 'official' running time of this CD is 80:26, but the actual running time is 81:11.
Tags: cinema, film music, jerry goldsmith, mix workshop

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