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Hacking and Slashing

A weekend of Kill Bill has made me into a ruthless assassin. Taking up a gigantic Hattori Hanzô sword, I woke up this morning and started working on the screenplay. From about 10:00 to 6:15 (when I had to go to class) I only broke for a shower and lunch.

The result? I have pared the 156 page monstrosity of the first draft to a mere 114 pages. What's more... I think it tells its story much better than the longer version.

It was my cinematographer who pointed out that there tended to be repetitious dialogue and some redundant scenes. Another person I sent the script to gave me a good idea as to how the thing plays out (where the ups and the downs are, which characters come across which way). This work was too close to both myself and Suit that we had no perspective on it; the outside opinions were invaluable.

How I felt this morning.

Suit wrote such fun dialogue, I didn't want to cut it. Instead, I went through it line by line with these things in mind:

1. Do it advance the story?

2. Does it focus our characters?

3. Is it funny?

4. Is it dramatic?

I was surprised at how much I was cutting, but even more surprised at how a little juggling could more often than not preserve what worked.

I was surprised to find that the scenes were not feeling like hacked-down versions of the original, but rather more efficent, giving the film a momentum that it didn't quite have before.

Whew. That was easier than I thought it would be.

Of course, I should have been working on my school paper.

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