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happy birthday

lehah has alerted me to the official word from Paramount Pictures; the official title for Indiana Jones and the Rickety Walker has been announced. It has something to do with skulls and crystal kingdoms or something. Who cares, the movie is destined to suck anyway. Harrison Ford has commented in the past that any new Indy film would be called Indiana Jones and the Comfortable Bed and would feature younger archaeologists bringing our hero various artifacts. Now that his career is in the shitter and he needs money (the last hit he had was... Air Force One?), he has changed his tune. I guess it will be morbidly funny to watch the pension-age actor huff and puff his way around the action setpieces (no doubt aided immeasurably by CGI).

Ironically, Indy's father was played by Sean Connery, who was one of the best examples of adjusting one's career to fit the age one is; while Connery was still in action films throughout his career, his role in them altered as he aged. Ford, like Sylvester Stallone, seems to be unable to come to grips with the fact that his persona was forged when he was a different age and in a different era. He can't play Jack Ryan anymore, no matter how hard he might try.

John Williams will of course be providing the music. The score will be good, at least.
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