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Ra - The Sun Blog

Every once and a while an idea drops into my head almost fully-formed. Two nights ago, this happened to me and yesterday afternoon I completed a rough draft of a new compilation.

♪ ... Ra knows all there is to know about the Crying Game ... ♫

The recent La-La Land release of the complete score to Godzilla along with the remastered expansion of Stargate from Varèse Sarabande as well as a two disc unmentionable of the near-complete score to Independence Day made it possible for me to compile a disc of the music that David Arnold composed for these films. They are all large-scale, very splashy works, so it's been a lot of fun.

I've had trouble working out the subtitle for this one. While there was no question that the album would be named after the Stargate cue "Myth, Faith, Belief," it was difficult to figure exactly how to explain the relationships between the movies. They are all produced by Dean Devlin and directed by Roland Emmerich, they are all nominally science-fiction, all at least attempting to be Retard - O - Tastic™, and all designed to be big blockbusters (I've never been able to sit through Godzilla completely, which was the only one of these films not to satisfy that last, financially at least). At the moment it just says "Music from the Films of Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich," but I find that, ironically, making it more specific makes it seem less so; "Music from the Science-Fiction Films of Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich" would emphasize the genre too much. I'm still working on that, but all of the artwork other than that one aspect is complete.

I will be perusing the rough draft today and take notes regarding any nips and tucks I might need to make.
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