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My "Friends" page has not had any new additions in several days. That's very unusual. Have I been eliminated from anybody's pages, or is it just that everybody's been busy?

I thought I'd share this find:

The Mummy Reruns

Upon its release, The Mummy Returns was pegged for pretty much what it is: a formulaic retreading of the first film, itself a piece of pop fluff. I agree with this assessment, but I will make the following qualifications:

1. It is so much fun that it is difficult not to enjoy.
2. The cast is very charismatic and carry the movie.
3. The kid is cute without getting annoying.
4. Alan Silvestri's score is nothing less than spectacular.

So there.

Communication Problems

Somebody with whom I really need to speak has, unfortunately, just become unreachable. Hopefully they will be at work tonight, or at least call me collect.
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