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Joshua Gizelt

Quoth the internet, "Nevermore."

One of my favorite aspects of the iAudio X5 chassis of Artoo - the reason I chose it above all the competing players - is the very useful remote control, which is reminiscent of the one I had for the iRiver mp3 CD player I had back in the day.

Unfortunately, this morning the remote control broke. Worse, when I went online, I found that Cowon has discontinued carrying the X5/M3 remotes and I couldn't find a replacement anywhere. Nowhere I looked has the damn thing, except for some overseas vendors that won't ship to the United States.

This is frustrating for several reasons. The most primary, of course, is the inconvenience of having to pull the device out of my pocket in order to control it. That is made even more difficult by the fact that the headphone jack is on the side of the X5, along with the port for the controller itself (look at the picture and you'll understand how it works), which means that my Sennheisser headphones come out of the side, which makes the device somewhat unwieldy.

It may be time for a new player. I absolutely refuse to get another fucking iPod, but there aren't many options given my criteria - that they support gapless playback, or at least allow me to put the Rockbox software onto it without a hassle, preferably also play my favored Ogg Vorbis format. I'm not ready to go that far yet (I'd rather just get a new remote control), but it is on the boards if necessary.
Tags: artoo, audio
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