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Tower of Set

The Tower reunion picnic was today, and I got to see a lot of people I hadn't for years. There were also a lot of people that worked there after I was gone. It was very strange at times, but it was also quite a lot of fun. While John brought up the irony that we had a Tower get-together and the only source of music was a small radio on the table, but I commented that the sonic were comparable to the stereo in the main rock room, of which one channel was constantly blowing out.

I snagged a bunch of photos as well. I'll scan a few of them soon.

There was a bit of drama, and the Tower grapevine worked overtime to turn a minor incident involving Dan's girlfriend in his car into a disturbing tale of a man versus The Man.

I will say this and then I'm going to just drop the topic for now: everybody who commented/IMed/whatevered me in championing the iPod after my tirade yesterday, I find it interesting that while you all did have a point in questioning my motivations for the post and why it was so malicious, but not one of you mentioned sound quality in its defense.
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