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Joshua Gizelt

...okay... I'm excited.

As with most of my favorite things, I've been avoiding listening and/or watching any Lord of the Rings in preparation for the upcoming release of the Complete Recordings for The Return of the King. I often do this to avoid burning out on something before a major release thereof. I avoided all Harry Potter for the months leading up to the release of the Order of the Phoenix film and Deathly Hallows book so that I wouldn't have had enough of the topic once I finally got to see/read them. It worked... I burned out (for now) on HP immediately after reading the book.

But between the ramped-up discussion on the LOTR Package Update and the samples playing at Streaming Soundtracks, I've been pretty damn eager to get my hands on the set already so I can hear the head, the tail, the whole damn fish in Advanced Resolution Surround. Well, as glenniebun reminded me on my post about on filmscore, it is only 22 days... I've already waited four years... six if you count from when I first heard Howard Shore's music for Middle-Earth and knew I was hearing something really important.

Russ gave me a phone call to inform me that Blade Runner: The Final Cut is playing at the Ziegfeld. I have not watched Blade Runner in quite some time, as the DVD was such a bare-bones release, I stuck with my laserdisc sets of both the International (Criterion) and Director's Cut. Since both are in CAV, they are spread to four sides each, and the auto side flip on my Pioneer D-704 doesn't work properly anymore, and so mostly for reasons of convenience, I haven't watched the film since September of 2004. I missed the theatrical release of the Director's Cut in 1992, which I had always regretted (and had quite a lot to do with my determination to see the '03 cut of Alien in its theatrical run). I have made plans with Russ to see it on Thursday.

While I'm not sure what I'll make of this "Final Cut" version - despite what you may have heard, all cuts of the film except the so-called "Director's Cut" were, in fact, Ridley Scott's, so I am curious as to what the shape of this particular version will be. Once again, the question of narration comes up; there was always meant to be narration in the film, as a nod to the noir genre it references. Several versions were recorded, the final being used in the film often criticized for its wooden nature... my preference for the version without it is entirely because of the delivery and because most of the information conveyed is merely underlining what already is on the screen ("I don't know if Leon gave Holden a legit address" etc.). I believe that the narration is still absent from the Final Cut (only time will tell if it really is the final cut), but it would have been interesting if he had assembled a narration track from all of the different versions that Harrison Ford recorded that would be more appropriate to the film than the one that was in the original domestic and European cuts of the film.

While Scott's constant recutting of films would be annoying to me if the new versions replaced the old ones, all previous versions of Blade Runner will now be available in the same set, so I don't mind so much. It's only when filmmakers seem to grudgingly sell bootleg-quality editions of the older, perhaps fresher versions of their films in order to focus one's attention on the newer, perhaps crappier versions of them that it bothers me. I'm not mentioning any names, but...

Either way, it's Blade Runner on a big screen... and not just any big screen, the big screen. So I'm there.
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