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Mandala in the Clouds

Like an addict waiting for his dealer to come through, I sat refreshing Intrada's home page to make sure that I got a copy of the (easily guessed) release of Bruce Broughton's delightful score for Harry and the Hendersons. Now, when most people think of the term "Harry and the Hendersons" today, it evokes images of male genitalia the tragic Kevin Peter Hall, but I had this score on an MCA tape cassette (I never miss a chance to pick up Broughton music if it's $1.99 in a cut-out bin; I also had Young Sherlock Holmes in that format for many years before Intrada's release) and it is so much fun.

I just opened my mail and found the copy of Henry Mancini's Without A Clue that I ordered long, long, long ago along with a copy of Jerry Goldsmith's Tora! Tora! Tora! that I ordered from FSM last week when they made their low quantity alert, right after a discussion of the... er... merits of the score with melancthe.

It took me a little while longer to warm up to Battlestar Galactica Season Three disc than to the Season Two, but that's mostly because the music has gotten that much more intricately woven. On the ride home from Boston, I listened to the mini-series album before proceeding, and it is fascinating to hear where the show's musicscape has gone. Originally there was a call for minimal thematic material, but as the program evolved, the music developed along several different paths, each creating its own set of melodies. The fusion of various different styles - some themes even trading orchestration with others - is more pronounced here than it was on the previous two season discs, and all the more fascinating for the continuity they provide.

The demise of Tower Records was sad on many different levels, but I have to admit that while I'm still not a particularly big fan of it, the MySpace* actually paid off when putting together the Tower reunion picnic. While there was a general Tower Records Family community, which featured subcommunities of each store, there wasn't yet one for mine. So, with the blessing of Mish (the store manager when it closed), I created one for Tower Massapequa. There was suddenly a huge explosion on my bulletin board; everybody who got the message and friended the page posted one. Somewhere along the line the actual address - which I was an HTML link in my original bulletin - got lost, so now people are posting bulletins that talk about this wonderful new community but doesn't tell you where to find it.

Everything works so well until you introduce the human element to the equation...

No, hadara, I haven't forgotten about you... I've liked what I've heard. It's interesting, but most of what I've heard of yours up until now had been more traditional, while these pieces are more exotic (how much more of that score is there...?). Hopefully I'll have the chance to see you next month, we could discuss it.

And now, your moment of Zen...

* I have no idea why a track consisting of "The Mutant" from Total Recall (Jerry Goldsmith) and the Charles Gerhardt recording of "Han Solo and the Princess" from The Empire Strikes Back (John Williams) would be called "Carbonite" and credited solely to Jerry Goldsmith, but it's a nice combination no?

EDIT: Am I the only one who is no longer receiving LJ notifications by e-mail? Did something change and I didn't notice?
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