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Right Arms, High Drama and Terror Pictures

Make sure you get lots and lots of candy.

Last night I took my first dose of the Diclofenac that my doctor prescribed for me for the ache/pain in my arm. It seems to be working; the discomfort dropped off significantly today, and I found myself able to do quite a lot with my right hand that I wasn't able to before... which was very good as today's job involved me popping some ceiling tiles and splicing into a 25 pair cable. The dexterity required to strip the cable and apply the scotchlocks would have made the task damn near impossible for me only three days ago.

I was quite heartened to find that the familial brouhaha that I found myself in turned out quite well. I was able to make my grandmother see a point of view other than her own, which was no easy feat. I also had a very extensive discussion with my cousin about the situation afterwards, and I think I've managed to lay the groundwork for the two of them to meet each other in the middle.

I've been a mediator before, but never for my own family members.

In honor of All Hallow's Eve, I present this excellent 1982 Take One, "Fear on Film," a roundtable discussion hosted by Mick Garris (26 minutes total, work safe) about horror films with John Landis, John Carpenter and David Cronenberg at what might be considered the peak of their respective careers:

The "secret project" that Landis was working on would turn out to be Trading Places.
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