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"Big face, small razor."

I had a rather cool weekend. And tomorrow is Monday. Joy.

I was over in Forest Hills today helping Dave and Fran clean out their new apartment, and the marquee of the Midway Theater displayed that there would be a screening of Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest on November 8! If I can confirm it is showing, I'm going to attempt to see it again, as it is one of my favorite movies, and one well worth seeing on the big screen... except for the annoying fact that I can't seem to find a listing of the damn thing anywhere online. I'm going to do a driveby of the theater tomorrow to confirm. If it is indeed playing, I hope to catch it once again.

Now I have Bernard Herrmann's title fandango running through my head (things could be worse).

Speaking of Cary Grant, I recently loaned Dan my copy of His Girl Friday a little while ago. We're working on a project that I felt would benefit somewhat from some Hawksian dialogue, and what better example is there than His Girl Friday? He sent me a text immediately after having seen it telling me how much he enjoyed it. It's always a nice feeling to introduce people to films that they really take a shine to.
Tags: alfred hitchcock, bernard herrmann, cinema, film music, filmmaking
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