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Fargin' iPod...

No, I didn't get to see North by Northwest. The traffic on Queens Boulevard was so bad it took me over a half hour to get to the theater, and what with finding parking in Forest Hills, there was no way that I was going to make it. Frankly, it's an all or nothing thing for me; if I don't get to hear that Bernard Herrmann fandango prelude, I haven't seen North by Northwest. Ah well. At least it gives me time to load some music onto the new iPod.


I have to admit that there have been vast improvements in the iPod since I had my first one. The gapless playback was a big issue, but it also seems that they have improved the sound somewhat as well. I am annoyed to have to return to an ID3-based filing system, but I have to admit that they've made it a lot easier. It also looks rather swanky, with the album covers on the side as you scroll through the albums. I thought I would be more annoyed at the 'tilted cover on a reflective surface' imagery than I actually am - I would still prefer it to be head-on, but the way the text is situated on the side alleviates the curse a bit. It would be nice if I could display more information fields as well, but whatever. The machine stores 160 gigs, and without the limitations of 60 gigs on all previous players, I can also put some other genres of music that I eventually bypassed in favor of more film music, but that I've missed... the Bob Marley, the John Coltrane, the Jimi Hendrix, the Miles Davis... the Led Zeppelin...

iTunes is still the same bitch it ever was, though. Bitchier even.
Tags: audio, jazz, jimi hendrix, john coltrane, led zeppelin, miles davis, rock

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