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Finally, after many unsuccessful attempts, communication breakdowns, confusion and what have you, Suit finally got the chance to read the 114 page version of the screenplay. To my extreme relief, he liked it very much, even going so far as telling me that, with very few exceptions, he didn't even notice most of the cuts. High praise coming from the guy who wrote most of the shit!

He only had two caveats:

He wants a slightly smoother transition in one case where material had been removed. I was expecting this. I didn't fill that scene out because I didn't want to fill in any blanks without his input.

He also wishes to preserve a very short scene with the father of one of our leads, who is very popular with readers (yes, waystone, the Christmas party scene with Rollie's dad getting an unwelcome phone call will indeed be saved).

Basically, his comments were exactly what I was hoping for.
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