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On the iPod front, I've found that while the unit itself is very much an improvement over the clunkier one I had not long ago, I still have some issues with it. Some, such as the display limitations (no "composer" tag listing), are ones that I already knew about. Others are simply because there is no reason for certain things to be as stupid as they are... for example, I think that the new album list, with the thumbnails of the cover art, is pretty nifty. I also like the "Cover Flow" feature, which, while silly, is entertaining to look at. I do not understand, however, why it picks the alphabetically earliest artist on the album to display. I mean, one would think that the "Album Artist" field would be perfect for these features, no...?

However, I do have to admit that between the size and capacity (a 160 gig iPod is the same size - though three times the weight - of the 60 gig I had a year and a half ago), the misgivings I have are relatively minor. Most of them stem from the fact that I had customized the hell out of my Rockboxed iAudio, and so anything other than something completely customizable would be something I'd gripe about. And, of course, since the iPod Classic is a completely different hardware setup than all previous models, it is too new for there to be a Rockbox build for it. However, there are a few alternatives now available with respect to remote controls with displays, including wireless units from iJet and Hammacher Shlemmer and a more conventional wired doohicky by Logic 3.

NOT WORK SAFE - Language

On Monday I received a new BlackBerry from work. While having the BlackBerry itself is actually rather cool (my co-workers and I mercilessly bust each other's balls on the BlackBerry Messenger) the actual program that we use to do work, the vMobile Lite, is godawful. It's always getting stuck and it screws up your jobs something fierce while you're trying to status them. It's clunky and inefficient, turning what could be accomplished with a three minute phone call into an infuriating half-hour process. The interface is difficult and the priorities of the program are retarded (why do I have to enter all this pointless information on the levels when there are only ten characters allotted for demarc?). I have been bombarding my manager with every issue I come across with this thing. If this were a real company, the people who developed this program would never get work again.
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