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Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

What a lousy day. It was like Monday was trying to make up for not having me - either on it's own time, or Tuesday's for that matter. Well, the day is done. I was hoping to have a chance to tidy up my apartment a bit tonight, but I'm too damned tired. I was so exhausted that I didn't even bother to bring my tools back to the hole. I still have them with me.

At least the iPod appears to be behaving itself... iTunes still wants to live just long enough to see my head on a spike to serve as a warning to generations to come that some blogged statements come with too high a price...

And it appears that I will be taking lehah's suggestion - roundly endorsed by melancthe - that I name it Robby. So it let it now be known as iRobby the iRobot. How many more dorky references can I squeeze in there?

I got into a very heated argument with my grandmother last night. I'm not sure where it leaves the two of us. I can't stand, at this point, to deal with the selfish hag, so I'm not. It is really hard to maintain a working relationship with somebody who never listens, or when they do, only selectively hear what they want to hear. What is interesting about this situation is that it took her mistreatment of somebody else - yes, my cousin - to bring me to the point where I just had to give up.

What I wonder is, was she always like this and my grandfather just knew how to keep her mouth in check, or did his death turn her into this? She's always been abrasive, but until now I've never found her unbearable.
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