Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
Joshua Gizelt

Jury Duty

A few weeks ago I got my juror summons in the mail and when I called in yesterday afternoon, the recording informed me that I was, in fact, due at the Queens County courthouse today at 8:30. I have a day off from work, so that's something, I guess (of course, I had my work for today mostly completed, so there's the trade-off).

It was very nice to have had the chance to have seen aerolyndt and montyy0 Monday night. Hopefully we'll have the chance to speak more again soon!.

While I have to admit that the new iPod is a much better machine than the previous one, iTunes still infuriates me no end. When selecting multiple items, if you overshoot you have to start all over again. Why? Because [ shift ] [ ↑ ] doesn't go back one, it goes up one. So that means all you're doing is highlighting the next file up from the list. WHO THE HELL THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA!?! It is counterintuitive, and doesn't match the way just about anything else does!

I can't complain much, though, because I have to admit that while it isn't perfect either, the direct iPod connection to the car stereo is most likely going to seriously revolutionize how I listen to music in the car. I will most likely be keeping the mix CDs in the car for sound quality purposes, but I will most likely be seriously reducing the amount of mp3 CDs in the car, as the program material is more easily accessible on the iPod (cycling through the menu screens is much less distracting than sifting through piles of CDs). And it plays as gaplessly as the iPod usually does, which is to say very well most of the time, except when it, like, forgets or something. Which is never a repeatable phenomenon.

Between the replacement headphones I had to buy last week, the car stereo and with rent due on Thursday, this is going to be a lean week. It also means that my portable music delivery systems have, in the space of one month, been completely replaced.* This was not by design... in all cases I would have been quite content to use both Artoo and the Sony car stereo for as long as they lasted. Unfortunately, they weren't lasting.

* Well, they're a new pair of headphones, but they're the same ones, Sennheiser HD 280 Pro, which have proven not only to be comfortable but sturdy. And they sound amazing. While I understand that most people just use whatever comes with their player, there is, frankly, no reason for anybody to buy a pair of headphones that aren't Sennheisers.
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